I am a Sound Designer and Editor based in London. I have experience with various different media though I specialise in videogames.
I am currently busy working on an exciting project at Rocksteady Studios, London.  
 Previously I have worked as a sound designer for the   BAFTA awarding winning ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ as well as designing and mixing the sound for various short films including  the commissioned art short called ‘Le Repositoire d'un Coup d'Œil’. I have also  undertaken sound design work on a number of AAA video games including ‘Wipeout HD’ which was subsequently nominated for ‘Outstanding achievement in sound design’ in the 12th annual AIAS awards.
I am highly experienced in all aspects of audio asset creation not just in the studio but extending out into the world beyond with a well developed field recording technique.  I am also very capable  with implementation, mixing and management of complex pipelines and workflows. I have a high level of proficiency in many industry standard tools including:  
Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Wwise, Unreal, FMOD, AlienBrain and Perforce.
For examples of my work please navigate to the ‘Media’ page, for my full CV please click below:
Rocksteady Studios ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’
Cultivate Films ‘Driven’
‘Le Repositoire d'un Coup d'Œil’
SCEE ‘Wipeout HD’
SCEE/8 Bit Games ‘Elefunk’
SCEE/Ninja Theory ‘Heavenly Sword’
Channel 4 ‘Secret Policeman’s Ball’
Rubyfruits ‘Ginger Gora and the Gentles’